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All You Need to Know About Film Production Services Portugal, Film Production Portugal & Film Locations in Portugal

Filming in Portugal is a huge undertaking, so you want to be sure that you're getting the most out of your experience. It takes a lot of work and planning to get everything just right, so it is vital to partner with a professional film production services company in Portugal to help you reach your vision by bringing all the best resources together.

Film production services companies in Portugal perform a number of tasks, mostly centered on the pre-production process. They can help develop content, produce content, even help with post-production, or hiring directors and crew. Let’s take a closer look at some of those things.

A movie or film production company in Portugal typically produces content for theatrical, streaming or television broadcast distribution. It may additionally be involved with production processes associated with social media content, corporate promotions, commercial or other media-related fields.

The film production process starts with a simple, working script and a vision. A film production team can help with the creative process of developing this vision into a film; making sure that it is executed in a way that will resonate with audiences. Production services include, but are not limited to: casting, directing and editing, as well as set design, lighting and sound design.

Video Production Services Portugal

Most film production companies in Portugal also provide video Production Services. These generally fall in to one of the following categories: Event Video Services, Commercial & Advertising Video Services, Promotional Documentary Video Services, Corporate Video Services, Real Estate Video Services, Educational Video Services, Music Video Services and Social Media Video Services.

Film Production Portugal - the 3 Stages of Production

There are 3 main stages involved in the production a film or video: Pre-production, Production and Post-production.


Pre-production is the production process that includes all the planning, scripting, and creative development. Although pre-production may sound like a daunting phase, a top film production company will be able to help at every step, including:

. Evaluating your film or video’s objective & target audience

. Choosing the correct delivery & tone for the project

. Formulating a budget

. Creative development & pitching

. Scriptwriting

. Storyboarding & outlining

. Formulation shot lists (the planning of scenes that you wish to include in your film or video)

. Location scouting (looking for suitable locations to record your production)

. Casting

. Permitting (obtaining the necessary film permits from local councils or land owners)

. Equipment preparation & rental

. Hiring subcontractors


There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to video and film production in Portugal but the actual shoot is probably what most people picture when they think about film production.

The film production services and staff needed for this stage include:

. Producer: This person's responsibilities include coordination, oversight and control of budget, talent, crafts and more. They are involved in all stages of film production from concept to conclusion.

. Director of Photography: The DoP is oftentimes the main camera operator. Also known as a Cinematographer they oversee the Camera and Lighting Departments and develop the visuals that tell the story; working alongside the Director to implement their vision for the script.

. Assistant Camera Operator: This person performs perhaps the most iconic film production services as they are responsible for marking a sync point between the video and audio with a clapper board performing a process known as slating. They also ensure that the focus is set properly and are additionally responsible for changing batteries and recording media.

. Field Audio Engineer: This person is responsible for mixing, reproducing and manipulating sound and effects.

. The Gaffer: is the head of the lighting department. They are charged with the design and production of the lighting plan.

. The Grip: develops and builds the set for the commercial or TV show. Grips operate equipment that supports the cameras and lighting.

. Makeup Artists: These must be proficient in all makeup practices used to apply cosmetics and prosthetics to the face and neck. Body Makeup Artists apply makeup to various areas of the body and can transform the actor’s appearance.

. The Drone Operator: This person operates any drone cameras used for film and video production.

. The Production Assistant: manages lockups and is responsible for communications between the various production departments.


Post-production is where the video production company edits raw footage to create a polished, professional final product.

Post-production services include:

. File management

. Video editing

. Motion graphics or animation

. Recording voice-overs or voice acting

. Audio mastering

. Color grading

. Delivering files

If you are looking to shoot your film, TV show or video production in the Algarve, Portugal, look no further than Production Algarve - (FTV Productions Algarve Lda. Unipessoal).

Productions Algarve Lda. is a full-service agency for film and TV productions and has all the necessary contacts to make your production run smoothly. Services include:

. Quoting & budgeting

. Location scouting

. Film permits

. Location facilities

. Film & photo equipment

. Professional local film crews

. Art department for styling & props

. Hair & makeup

. Street casting & professional model selection

. Hotel accommodation & transportation

Film Locations Portugal

Ever wondered how they get those awesome shots in movies? Yes, it's the camera angles, but a lot of the time it goes deeper than that, with the location itself often playing a key role in the making or breaking of a scene. This is where an experienced location scout can make all the difference by drawing on their knowledge of the best film locations in Portugal.

FTV Productions Algarve has produced a wide range of projects for everyone from large commercial clients to non-profit organizations to major film studios, and have an established reputation for executing projects with the highest creativity and within budget.

For more information about Film Production Services Portugal, Film Production Portugal and Film Locations Portugal you can visit their website at:

FTV Productions Algarve is in the business of helping productions with permits, location scouting, budgeting and quoting, professional local film crew, hair and makeup, styling and props, equipment rentals, hotel and transportation and bookings. If you and your production needs it done, they can do it. And if you don't know what you need yet? No problem. FTV Productions Algarve will make sure that you have everything you need to make your production go off without a hitch.

Based at Cxp. 454-E, 8800-102, near Faro in the heart of the Algarve, Portugal, they offer unconditional, experienced, film production services; delivered by an experienced, local Portuguese crew. With clients that include BBC, Equipe, Freemantle Media, RTL, MTV and many more, their team is capable of handling even the most demanding international shoots. From pre-production to post-production they are a one-stop shop for all film production services in Portugal.